We are collecting on our website the best resources for learning about and mobilizing and training workers for breakthroughs among the least-reached Frontier People Groups. We also link to many other websites with important data or information.

Disclaimer: These are recommended resources, but we do not necessarily agree with what is shown or written and sometimes post comments to that effect. Nevertheless, they form an important part of the discussion.

Some of these resources are already organized by “Insights” under the Insight page but will also be listed here by media type:



Joshua Project Interactive FPG Map:


Charts, Maps, Graphs and Data

“Our Final Calling” (poster) is designed for 11×17 printing as a foldable booklet with the poster as the centerfold

“Great Progress”(booklet) is the same material divided up for 8.5×11 printing and on-line viewing (with the poster split in half or shown as a single “spread”)




Resources for Prayer

Children’s Prayer Guide (By Indigitous): Download PDF | Order print copy | Audio supplement (Spotify)

The Prayer for the 31 – Prayer Guide: 
Additional Resources:

The Historical Prayer Movement:

The Importance of Informed Prayer:

Scripture to fuel prayer for blessing nations:

Prayer Aids:

Are you interested in signing up to pray for a specific people group and connecting with others interested in the same people groups? Go to:

Many resources for multiplying movements to Christ on the model originally presented by George Patterson (mentoring of obedience-oriented church multipliers) can be found at these websites:  (teaching skits used by George Patterson)