Gatherings, in person or by zoom, can network people together with a common vision. Telos sponsors gatherings of different types, all designed to connect people who are committed to getting the Good News to the Frontier People Groups. We also promote gatherings sponsored by others that may spark insights that lead to breakthroughs among the FPGs.

Weekly Gatherings

Prayer for the Nations: 1:00 to 2:00 pm Thursday afternoons, Pacific Time.

This zoom prayer meeting has been focusing every week on the “The 31” prayer booklet, which covers the 31 “mega” Frontier Peoples (those larger than 10,000,000)— almost one billion people in a mere 31 groups (half of the Frontier Peoples population, 1/8 of the world’s population).

Some time is reserved to pray for current events in FPGs, and for Telos staff needs.

“The 31” prayer booklet can be purchased or downloaded at

Monthly Gatherings

India Catalyst Prayer: The 4th Saturday of the month from 7-8:30 am Pacific Time. Since nearly 70% of the Frontier Peoples (both by number and by population) are living in the Indian subcontinent, once a month we have a global zoom prayer time for India. Each month we interview someone who is heavily involved in India, especially focusing on any insights or progress among FPGs, and pray for them and the FPGs of the Indian subcontinent. This meeting came out of the India Consultation in the summer of 2020. If you would like to be notified of these prayer times and get the zoom link, please contact us at

Seers Meetings: The 2nd Saturday of the month, from 9 am to 12 noon, in person in Quall Hall and online zoom. Given the many barriers that have kept the Frontier Peoples from coming to know Jesus in the past centuries, we need to “see” what God is doing and what he wants His people to do to. The world is rapidly changing. Recent global events, like the pandemic and travel restrictions have made the task even more difficult. Satan seems to be pulling out all the stops to keep his power and prevent the spread of the Gospel.

Seers draws multiple generations together with thoughtful leaders to deepen our awareness of developing trends that impact the Frontier Peoples. We consider what is on the horizon and what is being overlooked, toward refining our big-picture understanding of how we can most fruitfully serve God’s unfolding purpose to bless all of earth’s family lines.

These meetings usually have a theme, focusing on a specific topic or barrier of concern brought by one or more person, but the bulk of the meeting is a brainstorming session about possible ways to overcome the barrier. Attenders also occasionally report briefly on insights or progress they have made in the following month. What is being done takes a back seat to figuring out what is not being done that needs to happen. Past topics have led to the 5 core insights of Telos, such as the need to identify specifically the people groups where no progress is being made, in some cases after hundreds of years of outreach (the FPGs analysis came out of that). This is an invitation-only meeting. If you are interested in attending please contact us at:

Recent topics include (click on the title to see any documents related to that theme):

Upheaval in the Global Landscape and its impact on frontier missions; in particular on outreach to OBCs of India (BL/YK)
The Breakdown of the Extended Family (US and global) (BL)
Aggression vs. The Kingdom of God (AL)
Re-invention of the World/ Colonies of the Kingdom (WS)

Seers meeting topics suggested and related discussions are posted here.

Occasional Gatherings

Consultations: When deemed necessary, we gather together a larger number of people, in person or online, to focus on a specific topic of concern. Those who know the most are asked to present in short presentations and then a longer discussion is opened to all in attendance. Telos has sponsored two consultations so far. Click on the consultation for any related documents or videos.

2019: Consultation on Frontier Peoples: Is a new term needed, etc.
2020: Consultation on the FPGs of India
2020: Consultation on the Global Death Industries (canceled)