Frontier People Groups (FPGs)

One fourth of the world’s population has almost no chance of hearing about Jesus from someone in their own people group. They live in Frontier People Groups—the least reached Unreached Peoples— with less than 0.1% Christian of any kind (1 out of 1000), and no known gospel movement.

Because they have virtually no believers, “partnering” cannot be done, and instead cross-cultural pioneering or “frontier mission” outreach is crucial. Our strategic focus is on prioritizing global pioneering work among the less than 300 people groups with a population of one million or more who contain over 80% of the population of the world’s Frontier Peoples.

For more information about Frontier Peoples, including posters, charts, graphs, videos and powerpoints in multiple languages, see these links:

“Our Final Calling” (poster) is designed for 11×17 printing as a foldable booklet with the poster as the centerfold

“Great Progress”(booklet) is the same material divided up for 8.5×11 printing and on-line viewing (with the poster split in half or shown as a single “spread”)
Check out this interactive map which allows you to see the Frontier People Groups by size, location, religion, name, language, etc. Be sure to watch the “How to Use” video link and scroll down for more graphs and a sortable list of all the frontier people groups, and individual profiles for each group. (Note that the best language to learn to reach the most groups by far is Hindu/Urdu–dialects of each other.):
Read how the decision was made to separate out the Frontier People Groups (those with so little progress, pioneering efforts are still needed) from the rest of the Unreached People Groups
Read “How to Reach a Frontier People Group: Following Paul’s Principles”: