The following training programs have been selected as especially helpful for people who want to see many frontier people groups come to know Jesus:

The Perspectives Course: This is the best overview that should be a requirement for anyone
going overseas. Taking the Perspectives course is the best place to start for prayers, senders, and

Biblical Foundations of Freedom
Finding freedom from your past and “the sin that so easily besets us” in trying circumstances is essential for living and working overseas, with teams or without, and if you are going to be able to disciple new believers who have besetting problems. There is no better help for marriage problems either, as a good marriage consists of two godly people, and godliness depends on applying biblical principles of freedom from sin and hurt. The best training we have found in delivering people from their emotional, spiritual, and physical “baggage” is a book and/or course entitled: The Biblical Foundations of Freedom: Destroying Satan’s Lies with Gods Truth (by Art Mathias, available on Amazon), with a course based on the book available through Wellspring Ministries of AK, Inc (Alaska).

Training in Disciple Making Movements provided by New Generations is one of the best!! A people group is only won when national believers are winning others in a self-sustaining indigenous movement to Christ. Learn how to help spark Jesus movements!

Orality training from Scripture in Use provides some of the best training for those working with oral learners. Probably around 95% of Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists are primarily oral learners. If we want to effectively bring the gospel and disciple the new fruit we must be equipped to use oral means.

Working with Muslims; For any who are focusing on high identity Muslims the training provided by Common Ground Consultants is the very best I am aware of. The biblical principles taught are applicable to all situations. It provides biblical principles and biblical examples of effective cross-cultural ministry. One also receives a better understanding of the Muslim’s mind and heart and the Quran. The can best be reached via their email:

The Kingdom Practicum is a 6-month intensive cross-cultural training program focused on movements among the least-reached in North America and beyond This is an opportunity to learn the biblical principles and gain practical skills on helping Muslims follow and grow in Jesus with those who have dozens of years working with Muslims. This covers five key components: 1) Spiritual Formation, 2 )Ministry Formation for Movements, 3) Cross-Cultural Adaptation, 4) Language Acquisition, and 5) Team Development to enable the intern to be prepared for a deeper walk with Jesua and to be better equipped for cross-cultural service.

Business for Transformation: Also write to us for more information on courses that will train you to be an entrepreneur or to help nationals become entrepreneurs.

The Growing Participator Approach (GPA) to language learning: By far the best language learning system we have found. By using the normal language learning sequence, while it seems overwhelming at first, you are able to actually learn to listen well and understand people around you. This methodology can be used with any language, and has the added benefit of building your participation in the culture while learning the language. After you reach level 2 some structured grammar for your language is helpful (if it exists) but stick with the program through all levels and you will be very pleased.

Language Learning for Children
A free curriculum and resources for learning any language and culture as a family with small children. It is a powerful tool for connecting family to family and learning to feel like your family belongs in your adopted culture (or helping immigrant families adjust to the USA). Please add to the resources any that you develop in your language of choice. (Some examples available in English, Spanish, Arabic (Levant), Hindi, Urdu, Russian, and soon Punjabi)

Building a Multilingual Home: Essentials for Young Families Living Cross Culturally. This course offered by Language Learning for Children is unique in training families how to connect to other families cross-culturally through language learning, including children as young as toddlers in the process. It can even be used by families living in the USA that want to connect to immigrant or diaspora families, to either learn their language or teach mothers and their young
children to speak English (or better yet, BOTH!) The course works with any language in any country.

Living Healthy in Toxic Places
One of the keys to longevity overseas is staying healthy in unhealthy environments. Don’t be taken out by health problems. Helpful seminars can be found at:

Be In Health
If you have any chronic disease, allergies, debilitating anxiety, unexplained illnesses, addictions, etc., we highly recommend the retreats and conferences offered through Be In Health, a ministry of Pleasant Valley Church GA. Take this training before taking any medications, or to get off of medications. Just as everyone knows that the breakdown of the body results from chronic stress, fears, etc, this ministry helps you find healing by dealing biblically the underlying problems causing the stress, fear, etc. that are dragging your body down.

Literacy Evangelism International has developed a methodology that teaches an illiterate adult how to read their language in four months: The Teacher Training Workshop to train literate people (nationals) to teach literacy to their neighbors takes only 3-4 days! Start literacy classes by organizing literate national workers to go through the TTW for 3-4 days. We can transform the one billion illiterate people into literate people using Near Neighbor Evangelism
first mentioned by George Patterson and see great gains in moving toward the completion of the Great Commission. Since many people of all ages in Frontier People Groups want to learn to read their own language, this training allows you to bless the families in meaningful ways that will also help them to learn to read the bible and to spread knowledge of the Bible in DMM movements.

Community Health Evangelism (CHE)
These following five trainings are ideal for entering into FPG communities, listening to the leaders, helping them discern their greatest needs, and helping to train people they choose to train families in their community.
Trainings –
If you are interested in a certain region and trainings are not listed, make inquiry here –

1) TOT 1
Training of Trainers: This phase of training is aimed at understanding the Biblical basis for CHE and basic principles of wholistic community based development. Participants learn steps for implementing CHE, how to choose a target community, and strategies for entering the community. Participants learn basic skills for raising awareness, organizing, and mobilizing the community for cooperative action through the formation of a development committee.

The Integral Disciple Making Movement (IDMM) approach and training is a blending of CHE and DMM through addressing health and social issues as well as discovering the Bible in a group setting. Groups are led by community members. Disciples make disciples who make disciples. The approach is simple, applicable to the needs felt by community members, and leads to a ministry that is owned by the community. The goal is the transformation of lives and community for the glory of God through disciples who are obedient to God.  

Women’s Cycle of Life is CHE curricula and training that empowers CHE teams to respond
effectively to the wholistic needs of women.

Community Health Evangelism with Children Children’s CHE offers a 3-4 day training in Children’s CHE, plus an introduction to CHE for those who do not have previous CHE training.

5) STARTING A HEALTHY BUSINESS (coming out in 2022)
This training is done in accountability groups that are self-led using the lesson materials. The group follows the story of the start-up of a small business.  Each member develops their own business ideas into viable business plans.  Discovery bible study is included in each lesson. It is helpful to have CHE or IDMM training to understand participatory methods and context.